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  • Why We Exist
    Why We Exist

    We offer a viewpoint that underlies all our best practices, analytics, training, and support:

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  • What We Do
    What We Do

    We start by listening. Our engagement approach is designed to make sure we fully understand each client’s situational need. 

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  • How You Benefit
    How You Benefit

    Our programs and engagements always focus on increasing employee engagement and building a culture of service. When organizations increase engagement...

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PRO356 at a glance

  • Core Leadership

    Rick Miller founded PRO356 Consulting to help organizations enhance communications, improve productivity, and increase profitability. Pro356 utilizes Greenleaf's principles of Servant Leadership to execute its mission to improve people and organizations.

    Today’s leaner organizational structures are absolutely necessary to insure strategic viability. The uncertain cost of personnel has led to increasing use of independent contractors as a model for growth and flexibility. Yet, as the business cycle improves, the desire to remain “lean” can put a strain on the existing team and lead to a decrease in productivity and profitability. PRO356 starts by analyzing existing personnel to maximize communication and teamwork. The consulting team then focuses on organizational structures necessary for increasing teamwork and productivity. Finally, PRO356 benchmarks all activity to profitability, both short and long-term. Additionally, the company offers full time CLO capabilities for growing organizations on a part time budget.



  • What Our Clients Say

    We are passionate people who take great pride in solving complex business problems and in the process create excellent results for our clients. We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Rick Miller was my first boss after graduate school. I tell everyone that I learned more under Rick in 6 months than I did in 6 years of undergraduate and graduate business study. Rick was and is a season business veteran. He is able to synthesize complex business problems down to their essence and then get results. As an example, I was the controller of a company and Rick was the newly crowned CEO.

    David Hodge, President, Gill Athletics
  • Rick designed and delivered a very well planned and tailored workshop for our team members. He went above and beyond to ensure that the examples and exercises he used during classes related to the class and were memorable. We look forward to working with Rick on future projects!

    Michelle Nelson, COO, Meyer Vacation Rentals
  • Rick has proven to be an outstanding strategic partner for our company. Rick is highly effective & versatile in the many areas he assists us. In addition to being a phenomenal personal"corporate coach" for both our President & me... he is assisting us in re-defining our organization’s core value and purpose & helping us to redefine ourorganizational structure.

    George Spottswood, CEO/Founder, Quality Filters
  • Business moves at such a quick pace. Rather than make critical mistakes that could set us back, I prefer to learn from the experience of others. Rick brings business experience and delivers critical thinking to the key issues we face. So in the end, we’re able to stay ahead of the pack and focus on what we do best.

    Terru Edeker, CEO/Founder, Pixallure Design

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